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The Differences Between Coaching and Psychotherapy

People seek coaching and psychotherapy for different reasons.

Psychotherapy as a therapeutic process focuses upon healing and resolving issues rooted in your past and/or organic disorders, abuse, addictions, or responses to trauma that noticeably interfere with your life. Psychotherapy is needed when you have or you are seeking a psychological diagnosis, and treatment for that diagnosis, as defined by the American Psychological Association and the DSM-5.
Coaching clients are high functioning individuals who are able to meet the demands of life, and are seeking more contentment, fulfillment, and self-acceptance. Emotional healing can be a natural benefit of coaching, yet healing is not the focus. The focus is on learning life skills and tools to create balance, confidence and fulfillment today. Coaching clients are concerned with learning life skills to make your present and future life more productive and satisfying. In coaching, we don’t go into the past to diagnose or heal yet we might include something from your past to relate to concepts and to learn better ways of approaching life today.
The Everyday52™ programs are not medical programs, and do not practice therapy, medicine, or provide crisis mitigation services. Stacy Boston holds a degree in psychology from Naropa University and is a coach as well as a licensed professional counselor in Colorado.

Stacy Boston, M.A., LPC

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I offer a positive and personalized approach to psychotherapy.

Are you feeling scared, overwhelmed or confused?
Are you angry or in pain?
Is your teenager driving you crazy?
Or maybe it’s your parents?
Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?
Are you struggling to maintain your relationship?

Life has a way of truly challenging you at times. How you work with your feelings in challenging situations determines how you will get through them. If you are ready to stop avoiding, resisting or denying your life struggles, you can work with me to bring awareness, curiosity and compassion to meeting life’s challenges instead.
You will enhance the skills, creativity and courage needed to effectively work with your struggles. My personalized approach is tailored to your individual therapeutic needs. Whether you’re an adolescent, adult or a couple, you will enter a comfortable, supportive atmosphere and will be accepted for who you are, without any conditions.
You’ll discover new choices, solutions and experiences. I believe my most effective method is to help people recognize their own positive potential, not try to “fix” them. I focus on mental health and wellness, not mental illness.

Treatment specialization includes:

Counseling for depression and anxiety
Couples counseling
Family counseling
Parenting support
Grief counseling
Work and career issues
Stress management
Addiction and recovery

In Boulder and Longmont, I provide counseling for:

Adolescents and Young Adults

What You Can Expect

Comfort and safety

The decision to seek professional help isn’t always an easy one. People approach their struggles in different ways, and I understand why. I provide keen emotional awareness, consistency, stability and competence in a trustworthy environment. In both my Boulder and Longmont offices, my goal is to create a space of safety, compassion, and acceptance to help you relate to yourself and the world around you.

A wide range of experience

With me as your therapist, you’ll have access to years of practice and personal understanding. Together, we’ll take a team approach to find your unique set of solutions. And we’ll meet your challenges and struggles together. I’ve helped clients through just about every situation imaginable. And through experiences of my own, I’ve encountered a lot of tough circumstances myself.

The importance of a good fit

Every professional counselor isn’t right for you. That’s just reality. If you decide to work with someone, you should be comfortable with your choice. I’ll do my best to earn your trust, but if the right relationship doesn’t develop, I’ll be the first to suggest other alternatives that might suit you better. Contact me today to set up a consultation so we can discuss the challenges you are currently facing.

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