3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Contentment, Everyday

To be content is to be mentally and emotionally satisfied even while all your other feelings come and go. When you cultivate contentment it leads to a steady state of being unshakably ok.

As a culture, we’ve learned there are good feelings (like happiness) and other feelings (like anger, sadness, or worry) that are not good. Happiness has become a cultural obsession and we’ve been set up to be more and more discontent when we are anything but happy. We’ve become so accustomed to rejecting most of the emotions that we feel, that many of us can’t even pinpoint what’s missing or why we feel discontent – it’s just a constant thread that runs through our lives.

And it’s very difficult to shake.

Many people don’t do anything about it until some major life event occurs that forces them to examine their lives. It doesn’t have to be this way for you.

The good news is that it is possible, and actually quite simple, to experience true contentment in your everyday. While emotions come and go, contentment…well, contentment is a harmonious, steady state of being. And once mastered, contentment can lead to better health, more satisfying relationships and a greater appreciation for your everyday, no matter what life throws at you.

Here are 3 ways to cultivate contentment in your life.
Follow the tips in this blog post to unlock the power of contentment.

Talk to yourself like you would a good friend

Would you tell your good friend that they aren’t good enough just as they are? Be gentle with yourself – no more beating yourself up with negative self-talk and harsh inner critic judgments.

Contentment grows stronger when you love yourself just as you are today.

Find the joy of now

Do you find yourself thinking, “When I make X amount of money, then I’ll be happy” or “When I lose 20 pounds, then I’ll be happy”, or “When I become an executive in this company, then I’ll be happy”. If you continually put conditions on your own happiness, your life could easily pass you by.

In order to be content, simply find the joy of now. Appreciate what you have right now and enjoy where you are at this very moment.

Be grateful

How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life? Sometimes, we focus so much on what we don’t have, when in reality, there is so much to be grateful for.

According to studies, recalling what you’re grateful for trains your brain to become happier. Count your blessings. After all, you have a lot of be grateful for – your life, your family, your friends, and so much more!

Turn your ordinary everyday into an extraordinary everyday!