Last week, I totally blew it! In my haste to get an email out  to all my friends and family, I failed to blindcopy everyone and sent out a huge mass email instead. When I realized what I had done, my perfectionism collided with my being human! Instead of simply shrugging it off and trusting that my friends and family would (hopefully!) understand I had made a mistake, I felt my stomach clench, my heart began pounding and the critical voice in my head became really, really loud.

“What did you do?” You should have known better!” and “Stacy, you really messed up!” echoed resoundingly in my head. I had to work hard to quiet my inner critic’s voice and the uncomfortable way it made me feel!

We all have that voice inside our head that tells us we’re not good enough or that it’s too hard. These sneering, belittling self criticisms can interfere with your performance and have a negative impact in your life.  If left unchecked, they’ll impact your life and interfere with the pursuit of your personal and career goals.

Here’s how to stop the negative voices in your head from hijacking your life.

Talk to yourself like you would a good friend

Learn to conquer the little voice that tries to undermine everything you do. Some of life’s greatest stories would have never happened if we all just listened to those negative voices.

If you love singing, then sing. If you dream of publishing your own book someday, then write. If you dream of becoming an actress, then act. Do whatever your heart desires. Life is too short to give up on the things you love most just because your inner critic tells you can’t do it. How would you encourage your good friend?

Don’t take it personally

As unpleasant as it is, rejection is a part of life. It is a common emotional wound we sustain in our daily lives. Everyone feels that pang of pain when they get rejected. However, studies suggest that those with lower self-esteem find rejection more painful and may take a little longer to get over it. Some people may even find themselves thinking critical thoughts when they get rejected.

Just because you were rejected, doesn’t meant that you’re not good enough. Tell yourself that these people aren’t worthy of you and that you are destined for something better. Use rejection as an inspiration to improve yourself and perfect your craft.

Believe in yourself

Everyone experiences failure at some point in their lives. When you fail, you tend to listen to the negative voices in your head, and believe them. Instead of seeing yourself as a failure, acknowledge your strengths and accomplishments.

Sometimes, we ignore our achievements in our efforts be humble. But when you’re at your lowest, remember to reassure yourself that you are good and to believe in your abilities. Believe in yourself. Learn from a mistake and keep moving forward! I know I will remember to Bcc my next group email!