Discontentment Detox

A private 90-minute session designed to help you create an unshakeable foundation of contentment.

Are you someone who feels anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out all the time? Is it hard to be present at home or at work? Do you ever feel like your feelings get the best of you?

Life can be complicated.
Contentment doesn’t have to be.

During your Discontentment Detox Session:

We’ll look at how discontentment is complicating your life.

We’ll create a new vision, with contentment at the foundation.

And, to support your vision, I’ll introduce you to a simple practice designed to help you build contentment so strong that you are unshakably ok no matter how complicated life gets.

When you work with me, I’ll help you establish your own contentment practice. Let’s discover the simple things, actions, and thoughts that define what contentment means for you.

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel peace as you go about your day, even in difficult situations?

Are you ready to stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out all the time?

Isn’t it time to stop nitpicking and beating yourself up over every little thing, and instead, learn to treat yourself with compassion and respect?

Included as a gift with your Discontentment Detox session, you’ll get the Everyday52™ card deck.

(It’s a tool I’ve designed to support your contentment practice).

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