Everyday Contentment with Stacy Boston

A simple yet transformational 3-month private coaching program designed to help you create unshakable contentment.

Do you ever feel…

So stressed you forget to breathe?

Exhausted by overwhelm and worry?

Aggravated and irritated over the smallest of things?

A powerful longing for something better, even though you’re not even sure what “better” could be?

There are countless ways to describe what it’s like to be discontent, and if you recognize yourself in any of the examples above, you are not alone. As a culture, we’ve learned there are good feelings (like happiness) and other feelings (like anger, sadness, or worry) that are not good. Happiness has become a cultural obsession and we’ve been set up to be more and more discontent when we are anything but happy. We’ve become so accustomed to rejecting most of the emotions that we feel, that many of us can’t even pinpoint what’s missing or why we feel discontent – it’s just a constant thread that runs through our lives.

And it’s very difficult to shake.

Many people don’t do anything about it until some major life event occurs that forces them to examine their lives.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you.

The good news is that it is possible, and actually quite simple, to experience true contentment in your everyday. While emotions come and go, contentment…well, contentment is a harmonious, steady state of being. And once mastered, contentment can lead to better health, more satisfying relationships and a greater appreciation for your everyday, no matter what life throws at you.

Imagine living your life in a state of unshakable contentment.

You could:

Appreciate the simple things that make your life unique and special

Feel ALL your emotions without them hijacking your day

Go with the flow, even in “spilled milk” moments

Love who you are (which makes loving others SO much easier)

Everyday contentment is priceless. Investing in yourself, your relationships, your career, and your future has never been simpler.

Program Results

Imagine how your life could transform if you had my personal guidance for an entire 3 months! The Everyday Contentment program is designed specifically to help you:

  • Identify the simple things, actions and thoughts that enhance your unique experience of contentment.
  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed. As your contentment grows it will feel as though you have more hours in your day.
  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety — these feelings simply cannot maintain their grip on your day once you master contentment.
  • Calm the chaotic thoughts that trample though your mind.
  • Show up more present in your relationships at home and at work.
  • Breathe in each moment with gratitude.
  • Navigate “spilled milk” moments with ease and grace.
  • Attract higher-quality people, things and experiences into your life because you will be thriving at a higher level.
  • Feel at peace as you go about your day, even in difficult situations.
  • Experience more success at work because along with contentment comes increased confidence—a requirement for promotions, raises, new clients and new opportunities.
  • Overcome your fear of living with regret. This is simply no longer an option once you know contentment as your everyday experience.
  • Be easier on yourself. Stop nitpicking and beating yourself up over every little thing, and instead, learn to treat yourself with compassion and respect.

Program Features:

Everyday Contentment with Stacy Boston

The beauty of this program is its simplicity. Together, we will uncover the ways that discontentment has been getting the best of you and together we will create your own unique contentment practice.

The primary tool of this program is the Everyday52™ deck of cards, designed to help you shift from discontentment to contentment so strong that you are unshakably okay no matter what happens in your life.

As a private coaching client you’ll receive:

My 90-minute Discontentment Detox Intensive

Together, we’ll pinpoint what’s been getting in the way of your contentment and we’ll co-create the perfect way for you to begin embracing the extraordinary in your everyday.

10 one-to-one coaching sessions
with me

As my private coaching client, you’ll receive 10, 30-minute coaching sessions. That’s one session per week for an entire 3 months! You’ll have access to my calendar to book your sessions.

If you would like continued coaching beyond your initial 3-month commitment, you can continue with another 3-month package at that time.

We’ll meet at my lovely Longmont, CO office or via Skype.

Customizable accountability

Let’s face it. It takes practice for something new to become familiar and reminders are helpful when you’re just getting started. You can choose to get daily texts or email prompts to support your weekly practice.

Extra Coaching Calls

Limited to 5-minutes each… you can use as many as you like! Have a practice that needs a little extra attention? Want to share a success? I’m here for you!

Feel free to call during business hours (M-F, 9-5 MST). If you get my voicemail, I will return your call as soon as I can.

Unlimited email access

Never leave a question unanswered with unlimited email access between coaching sessions. Take advantage of this offer to support your practice as you go!

Your own customized Everyday52™ contentment practice

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of how to cultivate contentment in your life, you can put that overwhelm to rest.
Take a deep breath knowing that you will have a customized, week-by-week contentment practice designed specifically with your goals in mind.

You’ll know exactly how to focus your practice every single week to get the results you want.

This program is a great fit for you if…

  • You’re dedicated to embracing the art and practice of contentment and willing to commit to the work we will do together
  • You feel like your life is mostly good, yet something still feels like its missing
  • You’re curious and open-minded about the possibility of lasting results
  • You’re ready to do something to transform and be rid of discontentment
  • You can afford to invest in developing unshakable contentment

An important distinction about coaching:

Sometimes coaching can be premature if there are emotional wounds, trauma, or unconscious negative belief systems that have not been adequately addressed. If you are experiencing emotional, mental or behavioral issues that are causing you significant distress, counseling may be a better place to begin. I encourage you to consider my therapy sessions for now, if counseling would be a better choice for you than private coaching.

Turn your ordinary everyday into an extraordinary everyday. Isn’t it about time?

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