Making Me Time a Priority Is Good For You

A lot of people tend to associate being busy with using time wisely. Every hour is filled with work, activities and commitments. Idle seconds can feel like precious time slipping away. Just notice how people pull out their smart phones to check email or the news when there is a moment of down time.

It’s easy to forget about yourself in the daily rush. It may seem like a luxury, but making time for yourself is simply good for you. Here are 3 reasons why you should make me time a priority.

You will be happier

You aren’t meant to focus only on work. You also need to focus on yourself and the things around you. Slow down and enjoy the little things. Remove yourself from the chaos of everyday life. Make time for things you truly enjoy. This will bring you greater joy than you ever thought possible. Remember, me time is essential for your happiness.

Improve your relationships

There are so many roles you have to play. You spend most of your daily life being a mother (or father), a wife (or husband), a sibling, a friend, an employee, a colleague or a neighbour. As a busy person, you need to take good care of yourself for your well-being, as well as those you care for. Oftentimes, however, your focus is on everything or everyone except yourself.

According to studies, a lack of me time leads to feelings of  stress, frustration, irritablity and anger. This strains your relationships. Give yourself permission to do things just for you. Meet up with friends, go for a walk, get a pedicure, or take a quick nap. Making time for yourself will make you an even better parent or partner. Plus, you’re much more fun to be with when you’re relaxed and well rested.

You deserve it

The word parent is synonymous with busy. Your morning is a frenzied blur of feeding your children and getting them ready for school. You work extra hours to finish a project and then tend to your family’s needs once you get home from work. With so many things that need to be done, you may feel guilty about taking a break. Don’t. Pushing through without breaks will lead to exhaustion and burnout.

Remember that you’re just as important as everything else on your to-do list. Make me time a priority, no matter how crazy your schedule is. You deserve it.