Meet Stacy Boston – Licensed Professional Counselor

As your therapist, I will work to be welcoming, nonjudgmental, and transformative in the work we do together.

longmont therapist stacy boston

My Approach

My approach is to connect with you, to meet you right where you are in your life. I won’t presume to know what’s right for you (it’s really you that’s the expert when it comes to what’s right for you.) Sometimes, confusion can cloud your ability to find your way – that’s why you’re here…

My experience and training will help guide you back to health and wellness. I’ll join you as you do the work, so that you’re not alone working your way back. I can see you clearly, even when you can’t.

For me, it’s simply natural to relate to you in whatever state you are in. Life is sometimes messy, ugly, embarrassing, painful, or shameful – but I see more than what you are going through or feeling in the moment. I am good at joining with you in your struggles and will even hold hope when it’s hard for you to do so.

Change is often hard and it’s my privilege to share in your journey toward a life filled with less anxiety, deeper meaning, more joy, and relationships that are healthy and secure.

My Background

  • I am a licensed professional counselor in the State of Colorado.
  • I hold a Master of Arts in Psychology: Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University.
  • I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in English: Creative Writing from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Your Way Forward

It’s a credit to you that you’re here because you’ve taken a step on the path to feeling better. Therapy isn’t always comfortable. It’s important for you to know if working with me is the right fit or not. If it’s not, I may be able to refer you to someone who can better meet your needs. Let’s start by connecting for 10 minutes and we will go from there.

A Bit More About What Makes Me… Me

I absolutely love living in Colorado. I love the sunrises and sunsets, the view of the mountains from my porch, and how, during the summer, even though the days are hot, the evenings cool off enough to open the windows and listen to the night sounds.

A great morning for me starts with a good cup of coffee. (I prefer it strong, dark, and with a splash of half-and-half.)

I have an Aussiedoodle named Ellie Mae. She makes my heart sing and she’s a constant source of love, every day.

I love the smell of rain just as it begins to fall. (You know…that dusty, dry smell that happens when those first few drops hit the ground.)

And then there’s all things food related. The fresh fruits of summer – yum! Soups made from scratch. Perfecting a recipe. Pairing a good wine with a meal. Cooking for others – because entertaining is even more fun! And when dining out, I especially love when everyone orders something different so there are lots of tastes from the menu to sample. For me, sharing any meal is a fantastic reason for spending time together.

Oh, and dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate.

I also love traveling almost as much as I love being at home.

It’s a stellar moment when something funny makes me laugh out loud.

Speaking of loud, I have a huge, incredible family. I’m a mom to two terrific kids, and the oldest in a blended family of seven brothers and sisters. You should see our family gatherings!

Ask me and I will gladly share more with you about the things I love – my favorite movies, places, books, television series, foods, hikes, podcasts… and I’m always interested in any recommendations you want to share, too.

Meeting people and making new friends is one of my true pleasures. I absolutely love listening to people’s stories and learning what makes them…them.

I truly can’t wait to meet you and learn what makes you… you!

Reach out and connect with me for 10 minutes.

Let’s talk about what’s going on with you and together we will work to help you feel better.