Today is the beginning of what I hope will be an extraordinary year. So, I begin this year with plenty of intentions (instead of resolutions), and perhaps the biggest intention I am committing to is the practice of contentment.

Every. Single. Day.

I intend to be unshakably ok, no matter what life throws at me this year.

I also commit to writing this blog about the extraordinary everyday as I share my practice from week to week. I’ll be writing about contentment as a daily (and weekly) practice and it is my hope that sharing a little something about it might inspire you to join me in this contentment movement of mine.

Contentment is simple, really. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a practice, and it’s totally accessible every single day and all the time.  And the best part—contentment is a delightfully easy way to go about being unshakably ok.

So, in the spirit of simplicity and walking the walk, here’s a little extraordinary from today…

I’ve been struggling for the past few days to write an amazing blog post. I’ve tried to write something that will stick with you and make you pleased to have read it when you’ve finished. I’ve typed and deleted countless thoughts and words because nothing has felt quite how I’ve wanted it to feel. This evening, while sharing a meal with Jen and Ben (my sister and her husband – you’ll get to read more about them and my 5 other siblings in posts to come because I really, really love spending time with my family) I was bemoaning the fact that this blog had been getting the best of me. Jenny listened and then she told me a little story.

Jen and Ben went for a run this morning. While they were running, a very noisy flock of geese flew above them. The geese were so noisy that my sister and her husband took their eyes off of the path in front of them and turned to look up into the sky…just in time to see a bald eagle flying almost directly over their heads.  They stopped running, paused their watches, and simply stood and watched until the eagle had flown by. Normally, they would have been focused on their run and the path just in front of them. They would have missed the eagle had it not been for the noise of the geese.

In the sharing of this story, Jenny reminded me that contentment shines through when keeping it simple. There was beauty on her run this morning in the sounds and the sights along the way.  There is beauty in the sharing of her story. The beauty of a contentment practice is in the seemingly insignificant, the ordinary, and the everyday. Simplicity is where the extraordinary resides.