Week 5 Everyday Tuesday January 31, 2017 Letting love in

Week 5 Everyday Tuesday January 31, 2017
Letting love in

This week I’m sharing my heart with you, and I’m getting real about how I’m walking the walk as I practice contentment.

Randomly (and I believe also quite auspiciously) I pulled the Ace of Hearts from the Everyday52™ deck (that’s the “Let love in” in case you don’t yet know.) I’ve come to realize that I had no idea how fortunate I truly am when it comes to the love available all around me…

During the first week of my 2017 contentment practice, here are a few of the ways I chose to let love in:

  • I listened to the contentment tribe that’s forming about how you all are doing with the cards – and reading your comments was a “let love in” practice
  • I cleaned out a drawer and came across an old card I had saved from a dear friend. The message inside was a beautifully expressed appreciation of our friendship – and I “let love in”
  • I celebrated my friend Sally’s birthday with her (we’ve been friends for 37(!) years) – and I felt so wonderfully re-connected to her family and friends (and her absolute gem of a husband) – and I “let love in”
  • I went for a morning run (yep…I’m giving running another shot and so far I’m loving it) and I shared a selfie with my sister after I finished (because she never fails with her encouragement) and I “let love in”

I had the most profound experience of all when I followed the suggestion in the Everyday52™ Guidebook for practicing the Ace of Hearts card.  I asked some of my friends and family (a handful of the people that I know and trust) to share five things that they love and admire about me.

I was more than a little surprised by how vulnerable I felt as I put my request out to them! I was also surprised by the objections that clattered around in my thoughts:

What if this is an imposition?
What if they think this is dumb?
What if they don’t have five things that they love and admire about me?
What if they don’t want to?
What if, what if, what if…
I asked anyway.  
My practice was to let love in.

The responses to my request filled my heart to overflowing. Even now, as I type a handful of those notes here to share, my eyes still fill with tears. Here’re a sampling of the love I let in:

  • “I love the most that you are one of the very, very, VERY few people in my life that I feel 100% vulnerable and open to, that I can tell my innermost thoughts, fears, experiences and feel seen, heard and most of all unjudged.”  ~CB
  • “Your patience- your sense of grounding and presence is infectious – I always feel calm after spending time with you”  ~MB
  • “Your heart to help others love themselves more undoubtedly makes the world a better place, and your selflessness in your commitment speaks so strongly to your character. YOU are a light…keep shining!” ~KJ
  • “The number one thing I love about you is your beautiful beautiful smiling face. The moment I see it I feel a calmness wash over me and, I feel loved.” ~JS
  • “I love and admire your intelligence, your sense of adventure, your gigantic heart, your cooking skills, your therapeutic skills, your wisdom, generosity and thoughtfulness, your willingness to be vulnerable and to hold space for others, and your talent for maintaining friendship.” ~KC
  • “You are vulnerable.  This allows others to feel safe in their own vulnerability.” ~KT

I am humbled as I let love in. I am brightened as I let love in. I feel so very loved as I let love in.
To each of my friends and family who so lovingly responded to my request, I thank you.

Letting love in feels good.

I am, of course, saving all of these love notes (!) to re-read in times when I may need little reminders. Life, as we all know, has a way of constantly handing us opportunities to practice, you know?

Every single day I’m watching for ways to let love in. So far, this practice has had a profound impact on my tender, open heart.

I can’t wait for when it’s your week to practice the Ace of Hearts.  I hope you’ll try letting love in in this way, too, AND I would love to hear how it turns out for you!