Can I Help You?

I Offer A Positive And Personalized Approach To Psychotherapy

Life has a way of truly challenging you at times. How you work with your feelings in challenging situations determines how you will get through them. If you are ready to stop avoiding, resisting or denying your life struggles, you can work with me to bring awareness, curiosity and compassion to meeting life’s challenges instead.

You will enhance the skills, creativity and courage needed to effectively work with your struggles. My personalized approach is tailored to your individual therapeutic needs. Whether you’re an individual adult, a teen, a young adult, a family, or a couple, I will do my best to provide you with a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. You will be accepted for who you are, without any conditions.

You’ll discover new choices, solutions and experiences. I believe my most effective method is to help people recognize their own positive potential, not try to “fix” them. We will focus on your mental health and wellness, not mental illness.


Teens and Young Adults

I am LGBTQ-Friendly and offer a Transgender safe space

ALL are welcome here!

Reach out and connect with me for 10 minutes.

Let’s talk about what’s going on with you and together we will work to help you feel better.